Lemonade diet plan

Are you looking to lose weight and get healthy? Maybe you’ve tried various weight loss plans with limited success, or maybe you’re trying to lose weight quickly for an event like a wedding or to fit into your summer bikini. One option that might work for you is the Lemonade Diet, also known as the master cleanse.


What Is the Lemonade Weight Loss Diet?

The original Master Cleanse is a regimen followed for 4 to 14 days that allows only a lemonade mixture to be consumed. No solid food is permitted.

Servings of the mixture can be supplemented with a saltwater flush and an herbal laxative at night. After the desired time period on the cleanse, solid food may be reintroduced to the body slowly, with easily digestible items such as vegetable soup.

Today, the ingredients for Master Cleanse have been conveniently combined in one pill. The  is also a 14 day program that combines the pill, an exercise program and a meal plan. The advantage, as you can see, is that you are able to take solid foods. Plus, you do away with measuring and mixing the ingredients. This saves you time.

Where Did It Come From?

Popularized by singer Beyoncé Knowles after she used it to lose 20 pounds for the movie Dreamgirls, the diet cleanse was developed over 50 years ago by Dr. Stanley Burroughs as a cleansing and detoxification method. Today, it’s more regularly used as a quick way to lose extra weight. Other celebrities, including Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern Show and Oprah Winfrey, have also touted the lemonade diet and credited it for their weight loss.


What Do Real People Say About This Diet?

The effectiveness of diet plans will vary by users. But if you want to learn more about what actual users of the lemonade diet say about their experiences, read on:

Having sacrificed healthy eating for her kids and work, this lady decided she needed a fresh start and after finishing the cleanse, she has this to say… “I have TONS of energy and feel like I did in my 20s…I lost 11 pounds… in 10 days!”

–Carol G., Product Website

A wife recounts her husband’s experience with the Lemonade Weight Loss Diet… “my husband did the cleanse…lost 24 pounds, felt energetic for the first time in years, and his skin glowed!”

–Marianne R. (Product Website)

I tried the master cleanse and did it for ten days I went from 150lbs to 120lbs size 9 to a size 3. It really dose work if you stick through the whole ten days….try it there is nothing to lose except pounds…”

—erena1982, Medhelp

What Else Should You Know?
To get the most benefit out of the diet, it’s important to follow the instructions exactly. This will help you avoid complications and get the best possible results. You should also do plenty of research before you get started to make sure you’re prepared to commit to the cleanse. As with any diet, you should consult with your doctor before beginning this program.

If you decide to try the master cleanse, be prepared that it may be difficult at first, especially during the first three days. You’re not used to this way of eating, so you will probably experience cravings. Having a support group of friends who are doing the cleanse at the same time—or even joining an online community—can help you push through the tough times. You should also stay busy to help conquer cravings and keep your mind off the diet.

The lemonade weight loss diet is not appropriate for people who are already underweight or anemic, or those with chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma, cancer, gallstones, or eating disorders. In addition, pregnant or nursing mothers and young children should not use the lemonade diet.

It Worked For Some, Will It Work For Me?

You will definitely lose weight on the lemonade cleanse because without solid food, you’ll be burning more calories than you consume. But experts caution that what you’re actually losing is water weight rather than fat, so you may gain back pounds quickly when you return to your regular eating habits. In addition, you may also use lean muscle.

This is where the Lemonade Diet in a pill program offer some advantages because it is combined with an exercise program and a sensible meal plan. This reduces the difficulty of sticking to the cleanse and diminishes your cravings. While the original lemonade diet is a good way to slim down quickly, to lose weight in the long term, exercise paired with healthy eating habits is probably your best bet.

If you stick to the plan, you should see results! – http://lemonadediet14days.wordpress.com



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